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Tips for choosing the right vendor
Do you need Vending or Coffee service? While there are many companies that offer this service, California Vending Service offers helpful tips so you can save money and minimize your company's liability exposure

Free Evaluation
Not sure what you need? California Vending Service provides a 100% free evaluation of your business to properly assess your vending needs.

Product List

California Vending Services partners with brand name suppliers to offer a range of snacks and beverages that will satisfy employees and customers. We know what the top selling products are so we can make the most out of the limited space that you have available.

We occasionally add a fresh selection to the standard popular items and because they are different they will sell very quickly as the consumers become accustomed to seeing the product. This is when we start the process all over again with a different new item.

Our drivers know the importance of communication and are trained to listen to the consumers. They will try to get the items that are requested to keep peak interest in the machines and most importantly keep your employees and customers happy.

Products everyone can enjoy!

Carbonated Beverages
Major brands like Coke and Pepsi offer an incredible assortment of carbonated beverages that mainly consist of sodas.
Non-Carbonated Beverages
The majority of non-carbonated beverages range from water, sports energy drinks, teas, and juices.
We carry a plentiful assortment of snacks for our consumers that have a sweet tooth offering candy bars, chips, cookies and pastries. 

Healthy Alternatives
Healthy snack alternatives are increasing in the vending machines due to popular demand. Your employees or customers will enjoy the selection of alternatives we offer: trail mixes, granola bars, and much more.