California Vending Service
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Tips for choosing the right vendor
Do you need Vending or Coffee service? While there are many companies that offer this service, California Vending Service offers helpful tips so you can save money and minimize your company's liability exposure

Free Evaluation
Not sure what you need? California Vending Service provides a 100% free evaluation of your business to properly assess your vending needs.

Vending Service

California Vending Service realizes that businesses are vastly different. We provide customizable vending solutions and the latest in vending technology to make sure all of your vending needs are addressed. Our goal is to meet your company’s needs so your employees and customers walk away happy. 

Getting the vending service you deserve has never been easier all it takes is 4 easy steps:

  • Evaluation
    Our service begins with a complete evaluation of your business.  We’ll review your location and work with you on a solution that fits your particular needs.  We’ll make sure all your questions are answered but you’ll need to decide on the equipment, vending program, and product selection before we start with the installation.

  • Equipment Installation
    California Vending Service offers delivery and installation of our equipment for free. We use professional movers for our delivery to ensure a smooth installation and eliminate any disruptions.

  • Vending Program
    The vending program will be established by you and will be used as a blueprint for machine configuration and setup. The instant we are finished, the machine will be ready for use.
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  • Vending Service
    California Vending will keep your machine stocked with the latest brand name snacks and beverages. We take it into our own hands to be sure your machine remains clean and stocked on a regular basis. California Vending Service’s priority is to allow you to go about your daily routine while we take care of any maintenance issues that may arise.